Celebrity Luxe Link Purse Hanger at Fashionbliss.com

Luxe Link Purse Link at Fashionbliss.com

Featured on TMZ.com, and used by all the young starlets including Lindsay Lohan, Vanessa Minillo, Becki Newton, Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, and Tori Spelling. This stylish purse hanger keeps your fabulous purse off the icky floor.

Luxe Link available at Fashionbliss.com

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Red String Hamsa Hand Bracelet at Fashionbliss.com

Red String Hamsa Hand Bracelet at Fashionbliss.comAs seen on Nicole Richie, Eva Mendez, Lauren Conrad and Audrina Partridge of The Hills, and many others, the stylish yet mystical Red String Hamsa Hand Bracelet is available for the unbelievable price of $19.50 and $27.50 for leather at Fashionbliss.com

The Red String Hamsa Hand Bracelet is available in gold, silver, or a crystal encrusted hand design. It is thought to bring good luck to the fortunate one who wears it.

Nicole Richie Hamsa Hand Bracelet

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